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“Will and Donna Tucker are the consummate professionals! They juggle full-time jobs, but somehow, they are still able to work hard volunteering with the American Diabetes Association. Will and Donna go out of their way to help. This couple is reliable and trust-worthy, therefore, I never doubt that when I have delegated to them tasks, given them leadership roles, I am never unsure of the results. They will see a project through from start to finish. They have business savvy that will continue to make them prosperous in whatever they do. I am confident anytime when Will and Donna are given responsibilities that directly affect a group of people—they are diligent about executing a plan of action. I really appreciate what they have done to help me continue down the road to success.”

Paulette Becoat, Special Events, American Diabetes Association

“Hello! My name is Anne and I have known Donna Tucker from Puck Realty for over 35 years. I know Donna to be a trustworthy individual and I believe you can entrust her 100 % to help you with all your realty needs and home improvement goals. Dedication, hard work and reliability are paramount to choosing who you will need to commit to your job at hand. Make sure you choose wisely.. Call Donna @ Puck Realty… she and her team of professionals will work hard to make sure you will be glad you did….”

Anne Maziarzs

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